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Heating Installation and Replacement Services in Orange County, CA

A good heating system is an important investment for every homeowner. When properly installed and maintained they can last for decades, keeping you and your family comfortable. When it comes time to install a new furnace, heat pump, or hydronic boiler system, or if you are replacing an existing heating system, you need someone with the experience to ensure the job gets done right.

For all your heating installation and replacement needs in Mission Viejo, call Saddleback Plumbing Heating & Air today. We are available for jobs throughout Orange County and can install new systems as well as replace existing systems in any type of home.

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Things to Consider Before a Heating Installation or Replacement

Before contacting anyone for heating installation and replacement services, be sure that you understand the specific requirements your home has. We can provide a full heat load calculation before the installation of a new system to ensure that the new system fulfills the heating needs of your home. This calculation takes into consideration the square footage of your home, existing insulation and ventilation systems, and your air handler and ductwork.

We will also discuss with you your energy efficiency needs. Furnaces are available with heating efficiency ratings of up to 98% and heat pumps are rated as high as 11.0 HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor). This does not mean they are necessarily the right solution for your home, though, especially if your installation budget is tight. We can help you determine what system will match both your installation and operation budget.

Heating Installation and Replacement in Irvine

Once we select a model that fits the needs of your home, we will begin the installation process. Inspection of your chimney flue liner, the air handler, and your ductwork is necessary before work begins to ensure we don’t need to upgrade any components to support your new heating system. We will also remove any existing components and dispose of them properly as part of the replacement process.

Once this is done, we can start the process of installing your new heating system. This process takes less than a full day for most homes. Special circumstances or necessary, in depth renovations may extend the length of the process.

Hydronic boiler installation can take longer than a single day, especially if pipes and baseboards are being installed for the first time. We offer a number of flexible installation plans for hydronic boilers, designed to fit your specific needs, so make sure to call us today to discuss them if this is something you are interested in.

If you are in the Trabuco Canyon area, Call Saddleback Plumbing Heating & Air with all of your heating installation and replacement needs. We have been installing and replacing furnaces, heat pumps and hydronic boilers throughout Orange County for more than 30 years and will bring our decades of experience to you.