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Generators in Orange County

You may not have considered getting a whole-house generator to supply your home with backup power in case of an emergency loss of electricity from the grid. You might think of generators as important only for regions that experience intense storms and freezing weather. But more homeowners in Orange County are finding whole-house generators a valuable investment—we can experience blackouts during the heat of summer when strain on the grid hits its peak. 

Backup generators require the work of professionals to install or replace. If you’re looking for a new generator for your house, leave the work to Saddleback Plumbing Heating & Air. We’re not only a trusted local contractor with decades of experience, but we’re also an authorized Generac dealer. Whether you want an automatic standby generator or you wish to replace an older whole-house generator, we’re the team to call. We back up our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Contact our team today to schedule whole-house generator services in the Orange County area.


Generator Installation

Why consider installing a whole-house generator? You might think using a portable generator would do the job fine. Portable generators have their uses, such as for camping trips and to keep in a vehicle in case of emergencies. In the case of an extended power-outage in your home, however, you’ll find a portable generator has too many limitations. Portable generators simply cannot supply the voltage of a whole-house generator, and they can create indoor safety hazards from their emissions.

With a whole-house generator, you can supply as much power to your home as you need. If you have access to natural gas, you can use that to power your generator and have an unlimited fuel supply. We’ll help you find the generator to match your requirements, whether you only need enough power for lights and refrigeration equipment (as well as vital powered medical equipment) or you want to power your entire home. We can also install automatic standby generators, which turn themselves on if the power goes out, which is both safer and more convenient. 

Generator Replacement

A quality generator that received a professional installation should last you for many years. Eventually, however, any generator will wear down and need a replacement. You don’t want to be stuck with a generator you can’t trust to run when you need it—peace of mind is one of the benefits of having a whole-house generator! Our technicians can help you decide when your current generator is ready to go, and then they’ll supply you with the best in current generator technology. Never hesitate if you think your old generator might not meet your needs.

Generac Authorized Dealers in Orange County, CA

Saddleback Plumbing Heating & Air is proud to be an authorized Generac dealer for homeowners in Orange County, CA. Generac is a leader in energy technology and solutions, and their generators set the standard for the industry. We install and replace standard Generac backup generators as well as Generac automatic standby generators. 

If you have any questions about having your first generator installed or getting a replacement, our team is happy to help you. One of our expert technicians will get you started on the path toward greater peace of mind for your entire house.

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