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Orange County, CA Zone Control Systems & Services

Your home is not one giant room. You don’t spend equal amounts of time in every room, so it doesn’t make sense to heat and cool all of these spaces to the same temperature all day. Why not heat and cool individual rooms only when necessary?

A zone control system allows you to do just this by dividing your Orange County home into predefined climate zones that each have their own thermostat. If you are interested in zone control systems and the cost and comfort benefits they offer Orange County homeowners, call Saddleback Plumbing Heating & Air today.

How a Zone Control System Works

Zone control systems are very user–friendly. During normal operation, your heating and air conditioning system distribute heat and cooling evenly to every room that is connected to your ductwork. This can be costly, however, because you are conditioning hundreds of square feet every day that are empty.

A zone control system divides your home into zones that correspond to the people in those zones. So, you might have a zone for your bedrooms, one for your living room and kitchen and one for your finished basement. Each zone has different heating and cooling needs and can therefore be heated and cooled separately. In some homes, every room of the house has its own thermostat, so there is no limit to the specificity with which you can control your HVAC system.

This setup offers a number of benefits. Beyond the comfort benefit of being able to define the temperature in whatever space you currently occupy, there is the benefit of a much smaller energy bill. You won’t spend hundreds of dollars every season heating and cooling empty rooms.

We Handle the Installation of Zone Control Systems near Orange County

The installation process starts by identifying the zones you’d like installed in your Orange County home. After the zones have been identified we can begin the process of renovating your ductwork and your air handler for the multiple thermostat installation. The process takes less than a day in most situations, depending on any existing installations on your air handler.

If you are near Orange County and are interested in learning more about zone control systems, call Saddleback Plumbing Heating & Air today.

Heating and air conditioning systems are great and can certainly keep you comfortable during the hot summer months, but there are ways to make them even more efficient and effective. For example, you can increase energy efficiency while gaining increased control over temperature throughout your home by having

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