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Heat Pump Installation and Replacement Services in Orange County, CA

Many homeowners throughout Orange County are turning to more efficient forms of home heating, and a heat pump is just such an option. Heat pumps offer not only reliable heating throughout the winter costing up to 30% less than running a comparably sized furnace, but they can provide cooling as well, consolidating your HVAC system into a single system.

For this reason, it is important that you discuss your heat pump needs with a professional that understands how best to size a new system to your home and ensure it will work properly for you in both summer and winter. To learn more about heat pump installation and heat pump repair in Orange County, call us today. 

Choosing a New Heat Pump for Your Home

Installation of a new heat pump in your home starts with selecting a system that will match your family’s needs. We start this process by analyzing the size of your home and the probable heating and cooling needs of that space. Heat pumps come in various configurations designed to provide ample heating and cooling, so it’s important you get one that matches both.

Energy efficiency is another major concern when selecting a new heat pump. In terms of heating, your heat pump will have an HSPF rating. Anything above a 9.0 is considered very good and some heat pumps have ratings as high as 11.0. However, higher efficiency ratings often mean lower capacity on cold nights. You may need a slightly lower HSPF model that can keep a larger home warm throughout the winter, especially when the weather dips close to or below freezing. Otherwise you will need a supplemental gas or electric furnace which will offset that efficiency rating.

For cooling, a heat pump has a SEER rating. Most heat pumps have SEERs starting at 13.5 or 14 and go as high as 20. The higher rating you have, the better it will do at providing even cooling without running up a tremendous bill.

Installing and Replacing Heat Pumps in Orange County

If you are replacing a preexisting heating system with a heat pump, you may need some changes made to your home’s ventilation and ductwork systems. Examples include upgrading the ductwork to meet the capacity requirements of your heat pump, removing an old furnace and capping gas lines, or connecting your electric furnace to the heat pump to provide supplemental heat.

If you are in the Orange County area and want to learn more about heat pump installation and replacement, call Saddleback Plumbing Heating & Air today. We are available to discuss all of your heat pump needs and to start the installation process whenever you are ready to move forward.

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