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Orange County, CA Drain & Sewer Services

When it’s time for a new sewer installation or new drains, you need to know a trained plumbing technician will perform the process professionally and correctly. There are a number of factors to take into consideration, such as removal of any existing pipes, accessing the sewer line without causing unnecessary damage to your property, and ensuring any drains or sewer lines installed match the requirements of your home’s plumbing system.

If you need a new sewer installation, drain repairs, or professional hydro-jetting in Orange County, CA, or the surrounding areas, now is the time to call Saddleback Plumbing Heating & Air. We will design the new line and then work with you to ensure it meets your home’s particular needs. Call us today to learn more.

Reach out to the team who has proudly served Orange County since 1981. Contact our team today to schedule drain or sewer services.

Recognizing a Problem for Drain and Sewer Repair

Before calling for drain and sewer repair or maintenance near Orange County, you first need to recognize the signs of a problem. Common indications that you have a clog or a leak in your drainpipes or sewer line that are not immediately obvious include:

  • Slow drains in one or all of your fixtures
  • Backflow from one drain into another
  • Strange smells from a drain, even after it clears
  • Water on the lawn even when it hasn’t rained recently
  • Symptoms of a slab leak in the basement or the concrete of the driveway

These problems all point to an issue with a drain somewhere in your home. Once you notice the problem, call us to perform an inspection. One of our Orange County drain and sewer specialists will visit your home and take a closer look at the issue.

Rely on Professional Sewer and Drain Installation

The sewer and drain installation process varies depending on what you’re having installed. A drain line in a new bathroom must be connected to the central drains in the home, while a replacement for an existing fixture in a kitchen or bathroom can be installed with relatively little renovation. Sewer line installation is a far larger job.

The drain and sewer installation process can take as little as a couple of hours, as is the case for smaller drains in a home, and, depending on accessibility, a couple days for a larger sewer line installation. Make sure you spend some time talking to your contractor before beginning the job to learn exactly what’s involved in the process.

Hydro-Jetting for Clogged Drains and Sewers

When a clog occurs in your drains or sewer line, it needs to be removed quickly. A persistent clog, even a small one, can cause damage to the plumbing and put unnecessary stress on them, leading to a leak in the future. If this goes unaddressed, you will likely need a lot more than a simple repair call to fix the problem.

For these jobs near the Orange County area, Saddleback Plumbing Heating & Air recommends and offers drain and sewer hydro-jetting. This process allows us to remove clogs of various sizes using a concentrated blast of high-pressure water which is safe for the plumbing system. To schedule hydro-jetting services or to learn more, call our Orange County, CA plumbing technicians today.

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