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Serving Orange County

- SINCE 1981 -


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Why Is My Furnace Making a Weird Noise?

In Ladera Ranch, furnace systems still make up the vast bulk of home heating options: using ignited gas to heat the air, which is then blown into your home through a series of ducts. As with any major appliance, problems can develop from any number of sources, which you can spot by watching for certain warning signs. In particular, look for your furnace to emit a strange noise – something you don’t normally hear when it’s running and which could indicate a significant problem. “Why is my Ladera Ranch furnace making a weird noise?” you ask. The answers vary according to the kind of noise you hear.

Saddleback Plumbing can help you with your Ladera Ranch furnace service needs!

The most troubling sounds are those that involve an overloading component: usually a grinding or stuttering sound that suggests some kind of an electrical problem. Grinding sounds also take place when a given component is bent or loose from its housing, and grinds up against another component. Both conditions are severe enough to warrant shutting off your furnace immediately before they cause any more damage. Similarly, a thumping or bumping noise could indicate a loose component banging around in its housing or possibly a fan belt that has broken.

More alarming (though not strictly dangerous) noises can including a huffing or banging noise, which results from problematic gas ignition that delays the start of the heating process. It can be quite alarming, though safety measures usually prevent the leak of gas. Speaking of leaks, some noises arise because a leak has developed in the system. Air can escape through the leak, resulting in a humming or whistling noise. This isn’t as damaging as other noises, though it does rob your heater of efficiency and may introduce dust or other contaminants into your heating system.

Whatever the reason, you should call a qualified service technician any time you ask the question “what is that strange sound my furnace is making?” Saddleback Plumbing, a reputable company with years of experience in handling such matters, provides heating service to Ladera Ranch. Our trained staff operates with your complete satisfaction in mind, and we’ll work overtime to ensure that your needs are met.

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