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UV Germicidal Lights in Orange County, CA

When it comes to indoor air quality, every home and every person is different. Some homes have more allergens than others, just as some people are more sensitive to those allergens than others. In most cases common allergens such as dander, dust and pollen pose no concern; even in these cases, though, you may benefit from a UV germicidal light.

These systems, which kill bacteria and viruses in your ductwork before they can reach the air in each room of your home, are effective at reducing recurrence of common illnesses like the cold or flu and are inexpensive both to maintain and install. Call Saddleback today to learn more about UV germicidal light installation and maintenance, as well as the benefits it can offer your family.

How UV Germicidal Light Installation Will Benefit Your Mission Viejo Home

A UV germicidal light system is very simple in its operation. It uses a concentrated amount of ultraviolet light, just below the normal sunlight we see each day on the spectrum, to kill bacteria and viruses. The light, which is able to destroy these unwanted bacteria, is low grade, posing no risk to your family or pets. It will, however, render bacteria and viruses inert as they pass.

The benefit of this process is a much lower concentration of germs in your home’s air supply. Bacteria and viruses are common in most homes; unfortunately, most forced air systems and filters cannot remove them because they are too small. While airborne germs may not be a problem in every home, they can be an issue for homes in which children or elderly individuals with compromised immune systems live.

Installing a UV Germicidal Light System in Your Orange County Home

If you are interested in having a UV germicidal light system installed in your home in or around Irvine, call one of our installation experts today to start the process. We will discuss with you the options available for installation, including location and types of UV light. The entire process generally takes less than one day, and maintenance can be performed once a year as part of your normal HVAC system maintenance. The low cost of installation and maintenance alone make it a very desirable upgrade for homes that suffer from air quality issues.

If you are interested in learning more about UV germicidal lights and how they can benefit members of your family, call Saddleback Plumbing Heating & Air today. We can discuss all of your UV germicidal light installation, maintenance and repair options in Orange County with you.

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