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Orange County, CA Duct Sealing Services

Whether you notice that your energy bills have spiked from one month to the next inexplicably, or you recognize a distinct hissing or whistling noise emerging from your ductwork, then you may need to call on the professionals at Saddleback Plumbing Heating & Air for all of your duct sealing needs in Orange County, CA. It’s also worth bearing in mind that new HVAC system installations and replacements in California must also be accompanied by duct testing, and, in some cases, duct sealing if your air ducts are particularly leaky or otherwise loosely connected. We can take care of any duct issues getting between you and your comfort with our expert duct sealing services.

Taking care of your ducts should always be a job for the trained and experienced professional. We don’t use duct tape, that’s for sure. While such DIY approaches may be good for a temporary solution in a pinch, they are not substitutes for completing the job correctly the first time. We employ highly skilled and certified HVAC technicians who know how to handle air ducts properly and safely. Sealing air ducts is a great way to boost energy efficiency, save money on your monthly energy bills, and preserve the longevity of your HVAC system. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your home.

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Signs that You Require Duct Sealing

If you’re installing a new heating or air conditioning system, whether as a new install or replacement, then you need to make certain that your air ducts are in good shape. It’s now required of all new systems that they be tested and sealed (if necessary) as part of a statewide energy efficiency initiative. But there are other signs that you may want to look out for that point to the urgency of duct sealing in your home.

For example, if you hear a hissing, whistling or banging noise coming from your air ducts, then you may need to have your air ducts checked out for cracks, holes and damaged parts. A particularly high energy bill is another sign that your ducts may be leaking your indoor air into unoccupied areas of the home, such as the attic and the crawlspace. We can make such issues disappear with our duct sealing service in Orange County, CA.

Why Professional Duct Sealing is Important

If you do require air duct sealing, then it’s critically important that your ducts be sealed by a professional. We can make sure that your duct sealing is done correctly. We use only professional materials and methods such as mastic in order to seal the entirety of your ductwork so that the energy efficiency and performance of your heating and cooling system is fully restored.

You’ll be surprised at the benefits that duct sealing offers. You may be losing nearly one–third of your conditioned air through small holes, cracks and loose connections, so that sealing your ducts can add up to serious savings in the short and long term. Contact our professionals today to learn more about our duct sealing service in Orange County, CA.

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