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Hydronic Floor System Services in Orange County, CA

The majority of homes in Orange County have some form of forced air heating provided by a furnace or heat pump and air handler. These systems have become quite efficient in recent years, but they do have their drawbacks when compared to other options such as a hydronic floor system.

If you are interested in learning more about hydronic floor systems to heat your home, call Saddleback today. We offer full installation, maintenance and repair services for hydronic home heating systems, and can discuss with you your hydronic floor system options in Mission Viejo and nearby areas.

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How Hydronic Floor Systems Work

Hydronic, or "radiant", floor heating offers a number of clear benefits over traditional forced air heating. To start, it is very quiet. A boiler heats water in a utility room or garage which is then delivered to each room of your home through pipes. Those pipes are placed 1–4 inches beneath the floorboards in each room of your home where they release the heat they gathered and warm your home.

Not only is this very quiet, but is very clean and efficient. There is no air being blown through ductwork to carry allergens like dust and pollen. There are also no air handlers or filters to worry about getting clogged.

Heat is released slowly from copper pipes beneath your floorboards instead of in big blasts of hot air, as is the case with forced air systems. Because heat releases more slowly it is more efficient and much more comfortable; plus, it heats evenly because it is present in the entire floor, not just a corner of the room where a vent can be placed.

Hydronic Floor System Installation around Irvine

If you decide to have a hydronic floor system installed in your home, know that it is an involved installation process, especially if you don’t have an existing boiler in place. New pipes must be installed along with a boiler to heat the water that will supply the heat. It is recommended that, if you are doing this in an existing, lived–in home, you do it in small sections to minimize disruption to your household. Floorboards and tiles will need to be removed to install the new pipes, and the process can take many days depending on how much of your home you want to renovate. If you are having a renovation done or a new room installed, this is a perfect time to have hydronic floor heating installed as it can fit into the process easily.

Whatever your home heating needs, Saddleback Plumbing Heating & Air can get the job done for you. Call today to talk with a technician about having a hydronic floor system installed in your Rancho Santa Margarita home. If you have an existing system, call us to discuss our offerings for maintenance and repair in and around Irvine.