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Serving Orange County

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Serving Orange County

- SINCE 1981 -


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Why Your Boiler is Rumbling

If your boiler is rumbling like a giant tea kettle, don’t panic. Your boiler isn’t going to explode, but it does have a serious problem that needs to be fixed. That problem is boiler kettling, and it can damage not only your boiler but the surrounding area, as well. The best way to address boiler kettling is to call for repairs as soon as you notice it happening. While you’re waiting for the technician to arrive, however, let’s take a look at what causes kettling and why it’s such a big deal.

What Causes Kettling

Kettling is caused by lime scale buildup in your boiler’s heat exchanger, which is caused by hard water. As the lime scale builds up in the pipe, it restricts the flow of water through the heat exchanger. This causes some of the water to evaporate into steam, which puts an incredible amount of pressure on the pipe. The reason you’re hearing that rumbling sound is that the heat exchanger is struggling to contain the steam being produced.

Why It’s a Serious Problem

Most boilers are not designed to handle the level of pressure that steam production can create. If the problem isn’t fixed, and soon, the heat exchanger can rupture. This will prevent the boiler from operating properly, as well as causing water damage to the surrounding area. Even a small amount of water damage can cost hundreds of dollars to fix, not to mention the cost of replacing your heat exchanger. Fortunately, it rarely gets to that point. As long as you call for repairs as soon as you notice your boiler kettling, we can scrape out the lime scale and return the system to full function.

If your boiler is kettling, call Saddleback Plumbing. We offer boiler repair services throughout Laguna Hills, CA.

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