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Serving Orange County

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Five Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Plumbing Service

When you hire your next plumbing contractor, you must consider five major factors. Doing your research can help to ensure your family and finances stay safe. When a plumbing service arrives at your home, think of it like an interview. Be prepared to ask the questions so you can be certain they are a credible company that stands behind their professional work. The five major factors that should be asked about are licensing, liability insurance, workman’s compensation, financial stability, and customer service.

1. Is the Plumber Licensed?

Every state requires plumbers to be licensed (and rightly so!). Plumbing directly affects the health of a home’s occupants. From proper waste drain layout to gas piping to a toilet installation, each area can pose serious health risks if not installed properly. This is why most state’s require a plumbing apprentice to attend years of schooling along with years of work experience. Once their final major exam is passed, only then will they receive their state plumbing license. Be sure to check your plumber’s license status on your state’s website too, making sure they have the credentials to provide professional work which ensures your family’s health.

2. Does the Plumber Have Liability Insurance?

Liability insurance is your next factor to check on. Don’t be afraid to ask your plumber for proof of liability insurance. As an extra precaution, you can also ask to have their certificate printed with your name and information on it. This can help ensure you are covered for any future problems related to the work, if the company were to go out of business. Things go wrong with plumbing. Even the most professional company with highly trained plumbers cannot avoid mistakes 100% of the time. That is why it’s essential to do your homework, protect your finances, and get that proof of insurance!

3. Does the Plumber Have Worker’s Compensation?

Worker’s compensation is a state requirement in most of the United States, but that doesn’t mean every company has it! In fact, many small companies and “fly-by-night” plumbers do not. Plumbing work can involve sharp tools, heavy materials, hazardous waste, and flammable gas. If a plumber is injured on your property and they do not carry worker’s compensation, you will be footing the bill for their bodily harm! This is a huge factor that many homeowners pass over. Every time you don’t ask for proof, you put your family’s finances at risk.

4. Is the Plumber Responsive to Calls and Voicemails?

The next factor to look into is customer service. Does your plumber answer his phone or even return his voicemails? When it starts raining in your kitchen, can you rely on your plumber to answer and respond quickly? This is an extremely important factor to consider. Sure, an unlicensed “fly-by-night” plumber may be cheaper, but why is he cheaper? More often than not, it’s because they cut corners on customer service options such as a phone service, or any of the other above mentioned factors. This topic leads us into our final factor, financial stability.

5. Does the Plumber Look Financially Stable?

Your plumbing company’s financial stability is something most people over look. Did your plumber arrive in an old rusty truck and offer you amazingly low prices? If these prices sound too good to be true, beware! Sure, there are ways to cut the cost of plumbing down, but they all involve sacrificing quality, workmanship, and customer service. Once these qualities are cut, a business will not be around for long. When you have a plumbing issue in the future due to poor workmanship, your plumber won’t be around to honor a warranty (if they even offer one!). So be sure to hire a reputable plumbing company with sound business practices that takes pride in professional repairs and installations. You’ll know they’ll always be around to honor their warranties and help you in the future.

So there you have it, five factors to address when hiring for your next plumbing service. Choosing a plumbing company with proper licensing, customer service, financial stability, worker’s compensation and liability insurance can help to ensure a professional, responsible company is hired. Remember, that doing your research first not only protects your home, family and finances, but also helps to clear the market of unlicensed and dangerous contractors.


About the Author:

Ross Pickett is the owner of Cahill Plumbing & Heating, Inc. in Westborough, Massachusetts. His online presence has been geared toward helping homeowners protect their homes and support the professional contractors of America. Cahill Plumbing & Heating has been providing Massachusetts with top quality plumbing services for over 40 years. He can be reached by email at or through his website,

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