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Serving Orange County

- SINCE 1981 -

Serving Orange County

- SINCE 1981 -


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Is a Standard Tank Water Heater Sometimes the Better Option?

Tankless water heaters have existed for many years now, but it was not until recently that they expanded their popularity from Europe to the U.S. Now many homeowners on this side of the Atlantic are enjoying the benefits of going tankless, which include never running out of hot water, saving space, lowering energy costs, and getting more years of service from their water heater.

But not everyone has switched from the old “tank” water heaters (storage water heaters) to the tankless models. There are some good reasons for this, and it isn’t just resistance to change. In certain situations, a storage water heater is a superior choice over a tankless one.

It will be hard to determine on your own which of these choices is best for you. You should also seek a professional opinion from a water heater installer and Laguna Hills, CA plumbing company. The team at Saddleback Plumbing is here to help answer your questions and then install the right system for you.

Why might a storage water heater work better for me?

The first consideration is cost: tankless systems cost more to install than standard tank water heaters. In some situations, the potential savings from a tankless system are insufficient to make them worth the upfront investment. How much water you use regularly and your immediate budget plans will affect how useful a tankless heater can be. If your use of water is moderate (usually because you have a small household) and your budget is currently tight, a storage water heater makes a perfectly acceptable option for hot water.

Tankless water heaters can sometimes lose efficiency if multiple taps turn on at once; if this is something that occurs regularly in your home, then you should also consider staying with a storage model.

However, in most homes there is very little to restrict you from choosing a tankless water heater. Considering their long lifespan (usually 5 years more than a storage water heater) they have a lengthy period to return your initial investment. Most owners will see the installation costs paid off in only a few years. Consult with an experienced plumber about installing a new water heater to find out which of the available models will bring you the amount of hot water you need at price that matches your budget.

Since 1981, Saddleback Plumbing has served Orange County with water heater installation. When you need expert work for you plumbing in Laguna Hills, CA, make us your first choice.

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