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Serving Orange County

- SINCE 1981 -


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The Problems of Pinhole Leaks in Plumbing

The name says it all: “pinhole leak.” A tiny hole in your copper plumbing piping that can cause a whole lot of damage if it isn’t detected. Copper piping is quite durable, but like other metals, it can develop corrosion, commonly known as “pitting”. There are a few reasons why pinhole leaks/pitting can occur with your piping, but if you are seeing signs of corrosion on your copper piping anywhere, it’s important to call your Saddleback Plumbing expert for help right away. We provide quality plumbing repair in Tustin, CA for home’s with serious water damage, so don’t wait to get assistance.

How Do Pinhole Leaks Develop?

It’s a bit of a mystery why pinhole leaks develop, but studies point to corrosion problems as developing from chemical reactions with water and/or soil. All corrosion is part of a chemical reaction, and because water treatment plants use different combinations of chemicals to treat their water, some treatment plants may use certain chemicals that cause and accelerate the corrosion process, leading to pinhole leaks. The same can happen with soil in certain areas. Other causes of corrosion can be:

  • Faulty materials (i.e., the copper wasn’t manufactured properly)
  • Poor installation
  • Copper piping that is used to ground electrical wiring

What Can Homeowners Do?

If you have concerns about possible corrosion issues with your copper piping, the first thing to do is hire a licensed plumber to inspect all of your copper plumbing. Should corrosion be detected, the corroded piping should be replaced with new piping. Clamps can be placed around pinhole leaks for temporary relief, but the piping should always be replaced by an expert. Some plumbers offer an epoxy sealant that coat the inside of your piping, which can significantly reduce the level of erosion. Lastly, if you find that you have several leaks in a short span of time, you may want to consider re-piping.

Annual plumbing maintenance can help with the detection of pinhole leaks and corrosion, so if it’s been more than 12 months since your last plumbing maintenance appointment, you may want to schedule one. However, if you are seeing signs of leakage now, don’t wait to call for help. The experts at Saddleback Plumbing are here all day, every day to help with any plumbing repair you may have in Tustin, CA. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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