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Serving Orange County

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Would It be a Good Idea to Install a Sump Pump This Winter?

Sump pumps are one of those things that are quite common in other parts of the country, but which aren’t widely seen in California. Still, there are times when it might be a good idea to have one in your home. With the last few months seeing record rainfall, now is one of those times. If you aren’t sure whether or not your home could do with a sump pump, read on to find out.

Sump Pumps and Their Uses

A sump pump is a part designed to protect an area from flooding, at least from moderate levels of water flow. A pit is dug at the lowest part of the space, so that all water entering the area will flow into it naturally. This area is referred to as the sump. The sump pump is then installed in, or directly above, the sump. A pipe runs from the sump pump through the wall, and out of the house. Once the water in the sump reaches a high enough level, the pump activates and pumps all the collected water out of the house. This won’t protect against a flood large enough to submerge your home, of course, but it is more than sufficient to make sure that the area in which the system is installed doesn’t flood during a rain storm.

Why Now is a Good Time for a Sump Pump

In areas of the country where flooding is common, sump pumps are most often installed in basements and crawl spaces. These areas are often below ground, where water is more likely to find its way down into them. Now, most homes in California don’t even have basements, much less the kind of rainfall that typically necessitates using a sump pump. Crawl spaces are common enough, though, and with the deluge that we’ve been getting this winter, the likelihood of something like that flooding is much higher. It may seem like a bad idea to install an entire system for the sake of preventing flooding damage for one winter. However, there are two things that you need to consider:

  1. Just one instance of flooding can be incredibly expensive to fix.
  2. We may have several more years of this kind of rain in store.

You really don’t want to have to deal with a flooded basement or crawlspace if you don’t have to, and if a sump pump can protect you from even one major flooding problem, it can often pay for itself. Sure, you may never even need to use the system. Trust us, though, it’s worth having it if there is even a slight chance that you may need it. Install a sump pump in your home today, before you have to pay for water damage remediation.

Saddleback Plumbing offers sump pump installation services in Ladera Ranch, CA. If you need a sump pump installed or serviced, contact us today for an appointment with one of our experts. We’ll make sure that you get the perfect sump pump for your needs.

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