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How Long Can You Expect Your Home’s Pipes to Last?

Monday, December 13th, 2021

The age of your home is a good way to tell if you have pipe material that is out of date. The plumbing in Orange County is generally younger than you would find in, say, New England, where many people live in homes originally built in the early 20th century or even the late 19th. We don’t have homes of that vintage in the OC, but there are many houses old enough to have plumbing made from outdated material. The older the pipes, the more repairs they will likely need and the higher chance your house will benefit from whole-house repiping.

To get to the specifics in the title, how long you can expect your pipes to last depends on the pipe material. We’ll go over the most common ones and which you can expect to have in your house based on the building’s age:

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Why You’re Seeing Black Specks in Your Water

Monday, February 24th, 2020

The water that comes from your taps is supposed to be clear. As crystal clear as possible. Although you may still have unseen contaminants inside clear water (which is why recommend scheduling regular water testing every few years), when the water turns muddy, discolored, or cloudy, you’ll know there’s something wrong.

A common visual issue you may see in your water is black specks. What causes this, and is it a reason to call a plumber in Newport Beach, CA to fix it? We’ll answer these questions below.

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THUMP! Water Hammer Is Hitting Your Plumbing!

Monday, February 25th, 2019

woman-shocked-by-loud-noiseWater hammer—it’s an intimidating name. But it’s appropriate, because the sound that water hammer makes in your plumbing can be quite intimidating. It’s the sound of a shockwave going through the pipes, an alarming thump! noise as if someone took a hammer to the piping. Water hammer has sometimes made people believe ghosts were behind the activity. The reality is much less spooky, but it’s something that requires attention from plumbers.

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