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Serving Orange County

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Serving Orange County

- SINCE 1981 -


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When to Install a New Water Heater

Water heaters can last quite a while, if they are properly taken care of. No amount of care will make them last forever, though. Eventually, you will need to replace your water heater with a new one. It’s important that you be able to recognize the signs that you need a new water heater. Otherwise, you may suddenly find yourself without hot water while you scramble to look for a new system. Let’s take a look at some of the signs that you need a new system.


You can exhaust any water heater if you put enough demand on it over a long enough period of time. However, the more worn out a water heater gets, the more it’s available output will drop. If your water heater doesn’t seem to be able to keep up with your moderate demands anymore, it may be that you need a new water heater.


Every water heater needs repairs every now and again. However, an older water heater will be so worn out that various parts of it will start to fail in groups. If you need to have your water heater repaired every few months, it’s time to just get a new one.


Water heaters are manufactured to last around 15 years. After that point, they develop all kinds of issues like those listed above. As the system becomes more and more expensive to maintain, it will become quite a bit more cost effective to just replace the system than to keep it up and running. If your water heater is older than 15 years, talk to a professional about installing a new one.

Saddleback Plumbing offers a full range of water heater installation services in Orange County, including the Ladera Ranch, CA area. Call today for an appointment.

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