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Serving Orange County

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Serving Orange County

- SINCE 1981 -


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Common Problems With Water Lines

Sooner or later, every homeowner has to deal with common problems with water lines. Most of the time they lie under the ground in your yard, and since reaching them can be difficult, most problems simply go unnoticed until they actively interfere with the functioning of your plumbing. Here in Laguna Hills, water lines have to contend with our local atmosphere and other problems unique to southern Orange County. What kind of issues can you expect from your water lines?

Did you know Saddleback Plumbing works with water lines? Call us for help!

A few of the most prevalent are detailed below.

  • Clogs and blockages. Clogs are an inevitably as grease, waste, hair and food leavings slowly build up in your pipes. You can hire a plumber to handle basic clogs in your sink or shower, but build-up in the main water line can be a more serious operation.
  • Tree roots. Tree roots are instinctively drawn towards sewer lines, because the waste entailed often acts as a natural fertilizer.  Over time, they can instigate breaches or even infiltrate the pipe with micro-roots and clog it solid. Tree roots are among the most difficult water line problems to treat because you must often excavate the entire pipe to get at it.
  • General corrosion. Laguna Beach often contains a lot of corrosive material in the soil: salt from our sea air and similar components in the soil can wreak havoc with your pipes: creating breaches and leaks over time.
  • Shifting soil. The soil can change position over time, especially with our combination of hilly terrain and occasional earthquakes. When it does, your water line may be subjected to sudden pressures that can easily damage it, perhaps resulting in breach.

Unfortunately, common problems with water lines often require meticulous solutions, of the sort that only a trained professional can provide. Saddleback Plumbing works in Laguna Hills, water lines are a focus of ours, and we can apply modern technology (such as video pipe inspection) to address the issue. We have unique conditions in Southern California, and those conditions can affect your home plumbing in ways that you can’t always anticipate.

Give Saddleback Plumbing a call and make sure you have an experienced expert on your side!

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