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Serving Orange County

- SINCE 1981 -

Serving Orange County

- SINCE 1981 -


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Why You Should Never Use Drain Cleaning Chemicals


A clogged sink or shower is a major inconvenience. It might seem like a quick and easy fix to pick up a bottle of drain cleaner at the store while you’re out running errands. But we strongly advise against this. Not only are drain-cleaning chemicals caustic, they’re usually just a temporary fix. 

That’s why when you need drain cleaning in Mission Viejo, we recommend giving us a call. It’ll take far less time to call us than going to the store, and we’re a one-and-done fix for a stubborn bathroom or kitchen clog. Not only that, our plumbing technicians can help you understand what caused that problem so that it doesn’t recur in the future. And that’s something no bottle of caustic chemicals can do. Let’s go over why they’re not recommended.

They don’t work well

This should be the top reason why you don’t use drain-cleaning chemicals. They’re at best a band-aid fix and 99% of the time, the clog returns. That’s because drain cleaners eat away at just enough of the clog to allow enough space for water to flow through again. They don’t eliminate the rest of the clog or the detritus on the drainpipe walls. The clog will undoubtedly return after a short period of time.

They’ll damage your pipes

Drain cleaners are made of acidic chemicals that don’t know the difference between clogs and pipes. The chemicals eat away at the organic material that makes up a clog, continually reacting and generating heat until it dissolves. This places a vast amount of stress on your plumbing system as the heat can cause PVC pipes to soften and rupture.

It can also eat away at the “glue” between pipe connections, leading to a leak. Any homeowner knows that the last thing you want is to receive a bill for a leak or damaged section of pipe when it could’ve been avoided entirely.

They’re toxic to humans and pets

Chemical drain cleaners are among the most hazardous household items. Even if a small amount comes in contact with your skin, it can cause severe burning. Breathing in the fumes is harmful to your lungs, eyes, and respiratory system. If you don’t wash them away well enough, they can linger in your drains and emit noxious fumes.

If you have pets or children in your home, there’s even more of a risk. Children don’t know that those colorful bottles are potentially lethal to them. And your beloved pets face similar risks if they somehow come in contact with drain-cleaning chemicals. Pets can get into just about anywhere and that includes areas that have been in contact with the chemicals, leading to irritated skin, paws, and ingestion from subsequent grooming. 

They’re extremely bad for the environment

Although the bottles may seem empty, they’re not really completely empty. They have plenty of chemical residue left inside the bottles that’ll seep into the groundwater. By putting them down your drain, the chemicals enter the sewers and will eventually reach rivers, lakes, and oceans. This is harmful to the environment.

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