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Serving Orange County

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Plumbing FAQ 5 : Tank or Tankless Water Heater?

Are you satisfied with how much hot water you have at your disposal? Are you in the market for a water heater for your new home build? Today, homeowners can enjoy a wide range of brands, sizes, and types of water heaters. People often want to know whether tank or tankless water heaters are superior. Answering this question depends on your hot water needs, your home, as well as your budget. The decision is not as straightforward as it may seem. In today’s post, we’d like to review this FAQ: what are the differences between tank and tankless water heaters? Above all, you need to make sure your new water heater receives professional installation by a qualified plumber. Call Saddleback Plumbing for all of your Irvine plumbing needs.

Let’s break down the question by taking into consideration three factors: energy efficiency, performance, and cost-effectiveness.

  • Energy efficiency. A tank water heater operates by heating a large tank of water to a certain temperature and keeping it there until it is used. A tankless water heater operates according to an on-demand principle. It does not keep an entire tank of hot water ready for use because it is able to quickly and efficiently heat water as you need it. Therefore, there is less standby energy loss associated with tankless systems, and they may save you energy in the long term.
  • Performance. You need your water heater to perform. As long as it’s properly sized, it should do a fairly good job of meeting your hot water needs. If you have a tank model, you can depend on a large amount of water waiting to be used, but also to be used up. At a certain point, there may not be enough hot water left to take another shower. Tankless models have a virtually endless supply of hot water, but they are often taxed when they need to supply multiple appliances constantly.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Generally speaking, tank water heaters are less expensive to purchase and to install than tankless models. While tankless models boast greater energy savings in the long term, their upfront cost is typically more than tank storage models.

We hope this brief guide helps you make a better informed descision, but remember that only consultation from a professional plumber can ultimately match a water heater to your hot water needs. Call Saddleback Plumbing today for comprehensive Irvine plumbing services!

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