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Serving Orange County

- SINCE 1981 -


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Why Do None of My Bathroom Drains Work?

In Laguna Hills, bathroom plumbing typically has very straightforward problems. Our warm weather and gentle climate tend to keep serious issues like freezing and corrosion to a minimum. If one of your bathroom drains doesn’t work, there’s probably a very straightforward explanation for it. But if multiple drains are affected, it could spell a larger problem. Why do none of your bathroom drains work? A few possible answers lie below.

Some Reasons Why Your Bathroom Plumbing’s Drains Could Not Be Working

In the first place, it’s likely that the problem lies beyond the bathroom itself, in whatever common point it uses to get rid of water. That usually means the main water line coming in from the home’s foundation, or the water heater, which the water passes through on its way to your bathroom. If the main line is clogged or the heater is suffering from problems, it could affect every drain in the house. Check the drains in your kitchen sink or elsewhere to see if they don’t drain properly either.

The problem may also be more subtle. For instance, most plumbing depends on pitch – the angle required for water to flow properly. If your pipes haven’t been installed the way they should and/or you live in a geographical area that doesn’t allow for proper pitch, you may find every drain in the bathroom backing up despite the fact that there’s nothing clogging them. A trained plumber can adjust your pipes in order to correct the issue. And in some cases, it may involve several things happening at once, such as a vent pipe suffering damage and/or the vents in all your outlets malfunctioning.

Regardless of the causes, however, it takes a trained professional to offer a solution. A local, certified plumber will understand the environmental conditions that leads to drain failure in Laguna Hills. Bathroom plumbing repair can then take place with a full knowledge of the variables involved. Saddleback Plumbing handles plumbing issues of all sorts in South Orange County. Our trained Laguna Hills bathroom plumbing experts are ready to assist and we devote ourselves to your complete satisfaction in every aspect of repairs. If none of your bathroom drains work, contact us to set up an appointment today.

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