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Orange County, CA Drain and Sewer Repair & Maintenance

Clogged or broken drains or sewer pipes can be a serious concern. Depending on which pipe is compromised, the problem can escalate quickly if not repaired immediately. That’s why it is so important that you have a trained expert on call that you can trust.

If you live in the Orange County area and you need assistance with your drains or sewer line, now is the time to call services, drain and sewer. We can ensure that you have the best possible service right away and that your problem is fixed fast. Whether a repair is needed or it is time for regular maintenance, services, drain and sewer is here to help.

Call 949-829-0910 for Orange County drain & sewer repair or click here to contact us

Recognizing a Problem for Repair

Before calling for drain and sewer repair or maintenance near Orange County, you will first need to recognize the signs that there is a problem. Common signs that you have a clog or a leak in your drain pipes or sewer line that are not immediately obvious include:

  • Slow drains in one or all of your fixtures
  • Backflow from one drain into another
  • Strange smell from a drain, even after it clears
  • Water on the lawn even when it is not raining
  • Symptoms of a slab leak in your basement or the concrete of your driveway

These problems all point to an issue with a drain somewhere in your home. Once you notice the problem, call us to perform an inspection problem. One of our Orange County drain and sewer specialists will visit your home and take a closer look at the issue you noticed. We can use video inspection to examine your drains and pipes to diagnose whatever issue you may be experiencing.

Schedule Ongoing Maintenance to Avoid Repair Calls

Ideally you will never need to call our Orange County drain and sewer repair and maintenance staff for an emergency; you can improve your odds by having regular maintenance performed on your drains and sewer line. This maintenance, performed once a year, ensures your drains are clear of any debris, your sewer line is clean and there are no roots growing into or near the pipe, and that age has not gotten the better of any pipes.

During annual maintenance we can also provide high speed jetting to remove excess debris from your pipes and ensure they are as clean as possible. This will reduce the likelihood of a clog in the future and greatly increase the efficiency of your plumbing system.

Whatever your needs, our drain cleaning and sewer repair services available near Orange County, Irvine, and beyond. We’ve been offering drain and sewer services to homeowners in Orange County for more than 30 years and can do the same for you.