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Serving Orange County

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Professional Drain Cleaning vs. DIY Remedies

Your drains are clogged or at least draining slowly. The shower fills up, your sink takes a while to go down, and it’s getting on your nerves. You may be tempted to run out and buy a bottle of the most recently-advertised drain cleaner you saw on TV, but is that really the best option?

To put it bluntly: NO. Drain cleaner isn’t the best option for actual drain cleaning. The solution looks attractive, but if you use a drain cleaner and call it a job well done, you don’t enjoy the benefits of professional drain cleaning in Orange County. Let’s explain.

Serious Clogs Require Serious Solutions

While a drain cleaner may loosen a clog and knock it further down the drain, there’s residue left behind that new obstructions can latch onto. Professional drain cleaners use tools such as augers to clean the interior of your pipes that remove blockages and pull off residue that’s been left behind.

Professional drain cleaners use professional tools that would either include an expensive one-day tool rental, or purchasing a pricey drain cleaning tool that you’ll only use every once in a while in niche situations.

Time and Experience

Ask yourself if you possess the knowledge and hands-on experience to apply a solution and clear your drains. If you do have that level of experience, chances are you won’t be looking at DIY solutions online in the first place and already understand the value that professional tools have.

Next, consider the time sink (no pun intended). How many drains are there to clean and is it worth your time right now to clean them? While the benefits are great, it’s a very tedious task. If you can think of better ways to spend your time, drain cleaning services are the way to go.

Long-Term Benefits vs. Short-Term Gains

A DIY solution that doesn’t go as in-depth as a professional tool doesn’t bring the same long-term gains that you could be enjoying right now. Short-term benefits from drain cleaning may be faster draining and loosened clogs, but how long before those become an issue again? Spoiler alert: it isn’t as long as you think.

Long-term solutions give you the following benefits, while a short-term DIY fix simply doesn’t.

  • Prevention of foul, ghastly odors.
  • Much longer time required for clogs to form.
  • Greatly reduced chance of drain leaks.
  • Immediately faster and more efficient drainage.

Chemical cleaners and DIY fixes simply don’t go deep enough to offer you these benefits. You use your drains multiple times per day and gradually build up wear and tear. Professional drain cleaning services are the tune-up your drains require.

Don’t Wait to Clean Those Drains

Drains aren’t invincible. We like to think that metal plumbing will always be around, but your drains endure damage over time that could cost you more in the long run. Skip the store-bought solution, don’t worry about finding a WikiHow article: call for professional drain cleaning services today and prolong your drain’s life.

Contact us today to schedule your next drain cleaning that works better than any DIY solution.

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