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Heat Pump or Central AC for My OC Home? 

Monday, May 13th, 2024

Many homeowners who need Orange County AC installation are faced with the dilemma of whether to get a central air conditioner or make the switch to a heat pump. If you have relied on a central air conditioner in your home, you might be hesitant to change to a system you’re not familiar with.

However, heat pumps are the ideal HVAC system for areas with mild climates like ours here in Orange County. That’s because not only do they provide cooling, they also provide heating, making them the ideal year-round system for your home comfort.

Let’s go over the pros and cons of heat pumps and central air conditioners so you can make an informed decision.

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5 Tips to Get Your Plumbing System Ready for Spring

Monday, April 1st, 2024

Spring has officially “sprung” and that means the good weather will soon be here. After the unusually rainy winter we’ve had in Orange County, residents are looking forward to spending some time outside in the sunshine.

Spring is also a time for tackling DIY tasks involved with the change of seasons. If you don’t already have a list of plumbing maintenance tasks, here are five things you can do to make sure your plumbing system is ready for the spring. 

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It’s Time to Schedule AC Maintenance in Orange County CA

Monday, March 18th, 2024

After an extended season of sweater weather, many Orange County, CA residents are looking forward to the arrival of spring. With the unpredictability of the arrival of hot weather, before you know it, you could be facing temperatures in the 80s or 90s. How confident are you in your air conditioner’s ability to tackle a sudden heat wave?

The best way to achieve peace of mind that your AC is ready for the hot weather in the near future is to schedule air conditioning service now. Whether you have a heat pump, mini split, or central AC, spring is the ideal time to get a tune-up. Let’s go over six benefits of routine maintenance.

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What Are My Options for AC Installation?

Monday, March 4th, 2024

Despite the cold and rainy winter we’ve experienced here in SoCal, we’re due for some warm and sunny weather any day now. Once the heat and sun arrive, how confident are you in your AC’s ability to deliver the cool comfort you require? 

If you suspect that your current air conditioner is outdated, it might be time to consider replacing it with a new and improved system. Whether you want a new central air conditioner or want to upgrade to an energy-efficient heat pump, let’s go over your options for AC replacement. Whichever system you choose, count on us for all your air conditioning services in Orange County

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Don’t Ignore These 4 Signs You Need Water Heater Repair

Monday, February 5th, 2024

When your water heater is working as it should, you’ll hardly notice it. But at the first signs of trouble, you’ll become acutely aware of it. From a lack of water pressure to a shower that turns cold halfway through, the signs that your water heater is struggling will make themselves known.

The worst thing you could do is ignore these calls for help. Let’s go over four signs that you need water heater repair in Orange County. Your water heater is an important and expensive piece of equipment responsible for keeping your home supplied with hot water 24/7. It pays to take care of any problems promptly.

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Why Is My Furnace Short Cycling?

Monday, January 8th, 2024

We’re finally experiencing some cold weather with temperatures low enough to cause you to start using your furnace. After so many months of not using your heating system, there are certain issues that can pop up that interfere with your furnace’s ability to heat your home adequately.

A common repair we see this time of year is short cycling. If you have a furnace short cycling in Orange County, you may be confused about what exactly is going on. A short cycling furnace needs prompt attention. Let’s explain why.

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Why Heat Pumps Are Perfect for Orange County

Monday, December 25th, 2023

Some homeowners who want a heat pump installed in their homes may have heard both good and bad things about them. We’d like to dispel any misconceptions you may have heard about heat pumps. When it comes to an HVAC system, you can’t go wrong with a heat pump in Orange County.

Homeowners who live in very cold climates are the only ones who need to worry about a heat pump’s efficiency. Let’s go over why a heat pump is a great choice for any SoCal homeowner.

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How Much Water Do Plumbing Leaks Waste?

Monday, December 11th, 2023

Water is a precious resource and that’s especially true here in Orange County, CA where droughts are common. It’s important to take care of plumbing repairs such as leaky faucets and toilets not only because they waste so much water, but they’ll also cost you more every month because of increased water usage. 

According to the EPA, household plumbing leaks account for almost one trillion gallons of water wasted each year across the US. That’s equal to the annual household water use of more than 11 million homes! From a toilet that seems to run constantly to a slow drip from your kitchen faucet, let’s look at exactly how much water leaks can cause in terms of wasted water and increases in your water bill. 

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The Link Between Water Heater Maintenance and Repairs

Monday, September 18th, 2023

When answering the question, “What’s the link between water heater maintenance and repairs?” the answer is quite simple. Water heater maintenance helps prevent water heater repairs. It’s true! Maintenance is the absolute best way to avoid not only unexpected and costly repairs, but an interruption in your home’s precious hot water service. 

Just think about all the things you do in your home that rely on a steady flow of hot water. Showers, baths, washing hands, cooking, cleaning, sanitizing, and using appliances. Your ability to do all these things can come to a grinding halt with the smallest hiccup in your water heater’s performance. 

We know that maintenance might seem like an unnecessary expense and yet another task on your never-ending list of home maintenance tasks. However, we promise that it’s a solid return on your investment that’ll save you time, money, and comfort in the long run. In addition to avoiding repairs, here are more benefits of routine water heater maintenance.

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Common Summer Plumbing Problems and What Causes Them

Monday, July 24th, 2023

Here in Southern California, we’re blessed with amazing weather year-round that allows us to participate in outdoor activities throughout most of the year. But there are summer activities that bring an increased demand on your home’s plumbing system. 

From hosting family members for extended stays to hiking and camping trips, a broken garbage disposal or a clogged drain can wreak havoc on summer fun. There’s nothing worse than having your summer plans interrupted by a major plumbing issue. Let’s go over some common summer activities that can lead to Orange County plumbing problems.

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