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Serving Orange County

- SINCE 1981 -

Serving Orange County

- SINCE 1981 -


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Why Your Furnace Is Making That Clicking Sound


Now is not the time of year when you want to encounter furnace trouble. Sometimes, though, the problems show up anyway and the best thing you can do is know how to handle them.

With our extended season of sweater weather, your furnace is working hard lately. That’s why it pays to know if and when it needs repairs. One of the warning signs that your heater is in trouble is when it begins making strange new noises. Odd noises are often an early sign of a repair need in your furnace.

Today, we want to focus on if and when you should reach out for assistance in handling a furnace clicking sound.

When Is Clicking Normal?

Not every sound that your furnace creates is a cause for concern. Even with clicking, there is a time when this noise can be normal.

This is going to be when you turn on your thermostat. If you turn on your thermostat manually or it’s set to automatically turn on when temperatures drop, you’ll hear a click. Then, when the thermostat senses that the home is at the right temperature, there is a click when it turns off.

Aside from this, you may hear your ductwork clicking or crackling after the furnace shuts off and the metal contracts again.

When Is Clicking a Cause for Concern?

Aside from the situations that we’ve listed above, the sound of clicking from your furnace is likely to be a sign of a problem. Here’s why:

  • The thermostat is malfunctioning. The thermostat should click once when it turns on and once when it turns off. If you hear your thermostat clicking continuously, it’s likely because the thermostat is malfunctioning and can’t communicate with the furnace properly.
  • Issues with your ignition system. If you have a gas-powered furnace, you may hear clicking because your igniter isn’t working properly. This may lead to the igniter repeatedly trying to light the gas supply to start the heating process.
  • Electrical component malfunctions. If you have an all-electric furnace, clicking can also show up as an indicator of a problem. There is something going wrong with the system’s ability to start heating.

Other Noises to Be on the Alert For

Of course, clicking isn’t the only sound that a faulty furnace may create. It helps to know some of the other noises your heater may make when it needs professional service. Here’s what you should be on the alert for and some possible causes:

  • Rattling: caused by loose parts
  • Clanging: caused by parts banging around in the system
  • Booming: an indicator of delayed ignition
  • Screeching: a sign of a dry blower motor belt or motor bearings
  • Hissing: a potential indicator of a cracked heat exchanger

If your heater is making noises that worry you, it is always best to reach out to the professionals. Even if the issue is a small one, you should leave it in the hands of our team members to avoid making the problem worse.

Contact Saddleback Plumbing Heating & Air for Fast Professional furnace service. We have served Orange County since 1981. 

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