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Serving Orange County

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Serving Orange County

- SINCE 1981 -


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Drain Cleaning Tip 1 : How to Protect Your Drain System

Saddleback Plumbing offers drain cleaning throughout the Irvine, CA area. Routine drain cleanings are just one way to protect your drain system. In this blog post, we’ve provided reasons that drain cleanings are beneficial, along with other preventive maintenance tips. Don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions.

Professional Drain Cleanings

Professional drain cleanings are beneficial in many ways. They remove any clogs, build-up, or other debris in your drain pipes. They are an effective and safe way to clean your drains. Using a traditional snake or harsh drain cleaners can damage your pipes. Drain and sewer jetting uses a high-pressure water hose to clean out the pipes, which is very effective and faster.

Bathroom Drains

For your bathroom drains, be mindful of what you flush, and use hair catchers to prevent clogs. Slow drains or backups are commonly caused by certain materials or waste products that shouldn’t be flushed or put down the drains.

Kitchen Drains

Kitchen drains are susceptible to clogs from grease, food scraps, and other solids. Installing a garbage disposal will not completely solve this issue, but it can help. If you already have a garbage disposal, make sure you know how to operate it and what you can and cannot put in your disposal. Things like bones and coffee grounds can cause clogs and damage to the garbage disposal.

Feel free to contact the Irvine CA plumbers at Saddleback Plumbing if you would like more tips on how to protect your drain system. Contact Saddleback Plumbing today!

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