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Serving Orange County

- SINCE 1981 -


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What’s Causing Problems with My Water Treatment System?

When it comes to protecting our health in our homes, and protecting our plumbing systems as well, a good whole-house water treatment system is often a necessity. You can’t always trust the water from the Orange County municipal supply to be free of unhealthy contaminants and the minerals that create hard water. With the right water treatment systems in an Irvine, CA home, you can have protection from nitrates, arsenic, pesticides, calcium, magnesium, sulfurous oxide, and other chemicals and pollutants that enter the water supply.

Water treatment systems sometimes need help as well, both through regular maintenance and from repairs. If your water treatment begins to fail at its job, call for repairs from Saddleback Plumbing right away, and we’ll find what out what is plaguing your water treatment and fix it.

What Can Go Wrong with Water Treatment Systems

  • Clogged or bad filters: This is the most common reason for problems in a whole-house water treatment system. If the system uses filters to clean water, those filters will eventually become clogged, which will not only stop the filter from working properly, it will lead to a reduction in water pressure. To help avoid these problems, arrange for yearly maintenance for your water treatment system, which will make sure the filters are cleaned and/or replaced as necessary.
  • The wrong system was installed: It’s extremely important to have professionals install your water treatment system. Amateur installation often means receiving a system that either a) doesn’t treat the specific problems in your water you need, or 2) is the wrong size to properly do its job. There is a great variety of water treatment systems available, each designed to target different issues in the water, and installers need to know exactly what problems in the water need remedy before choosing a system. They then need to size it right for the level of water use in your home. If your whole-house water treatment system does not appear to be improving the water quality, call on professionals to see if the right unit was originally installed.
  • Excess salt from a water softener: An issue that homeowners sometimes encounter when they install a water softener is that it adds too much salt to the water in order to balance the calcium and magnesium ions. If you start to notice salty-tasting water, you might need to install a reverse osmosis system to balance the pH level from the water softener.

There are many other possibilities for water treatment malfunction. We recommend annual check-ups and maintenance to keep your home’s treatment system working as well as possible. Call Saddleback Plumbing today to arrange for a maintenance visit, or for plumbing repairs for your Irvine, CA home.

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