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Greg P.'s Profile Image
Greg P.

Jared and Jared were superb!

Robert H.'s Profile Image
Robert H.

The rep you sent out was at my home previously. I was glad to see him. He is friendly, knows his stuff, and always figures out the best solution for me.

Bauke V.'s Profile Image
Bauke V.

Excellent service.

Starr Endicott's Profile Image
Starr Endicott, 3+ years ago

Needed a faucet cartridge repair. Saddleback was prompt. The technicians are clean and efficient and on time. A week later, I thought there was a similar problem on another faucet. Again they were very prompt, efficient, etc. It turned out, I did not need the repair, and, to my astonishment and delight, they did not charge for the check-up. I will use them again and recommend them.

Bruce Fettel's Profile Image
Bruce Fettel, Last year
Mike M.'s Profile Image
Mike M.

Great technician!

Nancy Hess's Profile Image
Nancy Hess, Last year
Bruce M.'s Profile Image
Bruce M.

Very satisfied, will use again.

Mary H.'s Profile Image
Mary H.

Recently moved to a new home. Have had service in the past at my old residence. Always professional and thorough. Richard the plumbing Tech had a big to do at the new house. Again very pleased with Saddleback Plumbing as a company and as well as the professional staff.

Claude Boucly's Profile Image
Claude Boucly, 3+ years ago

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