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Serving Orange County

- SINCE 1981 -

Serving Orange County

- SINCE 1981 -


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Saddleback Plumbing Heating & Air Blog

Give Your Air Conditioning System a Summer Report Card


Report cards already? Summer hasn’t even officially ended!

Don’t worry: you’re the one giving the report card, and you’re reporting on the performance of a piece of machinery that doesn’t have feelings you can hurt. If your AC deserves and “F,” give it that “F”—you’ll be the one who benefits.

We recommend our customers consider the performance of their AC during the previous summer so they can evaluate if they need any additional service for it, such as a repair, or if the time has come to replace it. Fall is a good time to schedule an AC replacement because the temperatures are cooler and service technicians have more open schedules.

Let’s get started on the report card. Give your air conditioning system a grade, from “A” to “F,” based on how well it did over the past few months—which included some serious heatwaves.


That’s great! Sounds like you have an air conditioner that did the job you needed without any interruptions, and that it didn’t cost more to run than normal. We imagine you’ve kept up with regular maintenance each spring, and we encourage you to follow through so you can give your AC an “A” next year as well.


Your air conditioner kept the house cool and worked reliably. But … what held you back from giving it an “A”? You may have felt the house got too hot on certain days, or the AC is an older system and you don’t feel full trust in it for the future. We recommend you ask questions during the next maintenance appointment about upgrades or possibly hidden repairs.


Something isn’t right with your air conditioner, and you’re only getting “acceptable” results. You may have had to call for repairs during the year, or felt you needed to keep turning down the thermostat to get the comfort your family wanted. Is the AC getting more expensive to run? This grade puts your system at a tipping point: it may need to be repaired or replaced, but it shouldn’t be allowed to just continue as is.


This means you have a real problem during the season with your AC, such as the system shutting down entirely, or requiring a major repair. This is the point where you should begin to consider a replacement system, especially if the unit is more than ten years old. Have our technicians take a look at it as soon as possible.


Your AC is finished, and you know it. Whatever reasons you gave it an “F,” the reasons mean the AC is no longer effective and costing too much money to keep around. You almost certainly need to have it replaced. Make an appointment with us and we can go over your options.

No matter if it’s time for a new system installation or you only need a fast AC repair in Laguna Hills, CA, we’re the experienced team to handle the job. We are committed to providing homeowners in Orange County with the highest quality HVAC service.

Saddleback Plumbing Heating & Air has served Orange County Since 1981. Call us to schedule service to repair or replace your central air conditioning system.

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