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Serving Orange County

- SINCE 1981 -

Serving Orange County

- SINCE 1981 -


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How to Prevent AC Overheat at the End of Summer


We’re in for some serious heat here at the end of August and into September. This is when your air conditioning really earns its keep. But the heat, consistent operation, and the general wear from the rest of summer can lead to your AC overheating and shutting down.

“Overheating” can refer to several different occurrences in an air conditioner: tripped circuit breakers, burnt-out fan motors, even a dead compressor. They all have in common an AC overworked and overstrained to the point it ceases to work.

Although you can always trust us for fast air conditioning repair in Laguna Niguel, CA and elsewhere in Orange County, we know you’d rather not have the AC overheat in the first place. We’ll go over ways to avoid this problem during the end of the season.

Change the air filter

Have you changed the HVAC’s systems filter this summer yet? Please be honest! This filter needs routine changes every one to three months (depending on filter strength) or else it will jack up the strain on the blower motor. Clogged filters are a major cause of air conditioners tripping circuit breakers and unnecessary energy drain, but they’re also easy to avoid. If you haven’t change the filter for the past few months, do so now. 

Clean the outdoor unit

The outdoor condenser unit of the AC needs to be able to easily vent heat to the outside or too much heat will become trapped in the system. Over the summer, the unit can become dirty and dusty, which lowers its efficiency and raises strain on the system. You can clean off the unit with a hose on low pressure (don’t blast water into the grills) to help the condenser do its job with the least amount of stress.

Don’t lower the thermostat too far

We don’t recommend setting the thermostat lower than 72°F, no matter the heat outside, when running the AC. Placing the thermostat setting so far down only makes the air conditioner run longer; it doesn’t provide a greater volume or faster rate of cooling. Keeping the air conditioner running only when necessary to provide a comfortable indoor environment (~78°F) removes an enormous amount of wear on the system.

Block out sunlight during the day

Here’s a way to help your air conditioner work less: close drapes, shutters, or blinds on windows that allow sunlight in during the day. The radiant heat from sunlight through windows can significantly warm up your house and force the AC to run longer. 

Call for repairs as soon as you suspect a problem

Small warning signs of something wrong with your AC may quickly lead to a breakdown. For example, a clicking noise for the cabinet can mean a capacitor is failing due to the excess heat, and this will cause motors to stop working. You only have to reach out to our team for the repairs that can head off a more serious and expensive system breakdown—one that will also leave you stuck in a house that feels like an oven.

Call Saddleback Plumbing Heating & Air for Fast Professional Repairs. We’ve proudly served Orange County since 1981.

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