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Serving Orange County

- SINCE 1981 -

Serving Orange County

- SINCE 1981 -


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How Small Plumbing Troubles Can Warn of Big Ones


How would you define a “small” plumbing trouble? Probably something that’s a nuisance but which isn’t interfering with your regular day. It’s something you can have fixed … but not now, maybe later when you have time for it. 

We want to caution you against doing this. Any small plumbing trouble could be only the surface effect of a larger one. Or a small plumbing issue could eventually expand into a major fiasco. When you have a concern about your plumbing, no matter the size, always call a professional for plumbing in San Juan Capistrano, CA at your earliest convenience. Otherwise, you may have to make an emergency call when it’s extremely inconvenient. 

We’re going to explore some of the small plumbing issues that can mask or lead to bigger ones.

Drain clogs and slow drains

Perhaps the most common plumbing irritant people encounter is a slow or clogged drain. A plunger can clear out simple clogs, but tougher ones will require a plumber to solve them. If clogs are turning into a frequent problem in your house, then you’re receiving a warning of trouble deeper in the drainage system. It could be blocked drain vents or a clog in the sewer line. These problems need professional resolutions or you could have sewage flowing into your house.

Low water pressure

If you have one faucet with low water pressure, you can often solve it by unscrewing the aerator and cleaning it. Low water pressure around the house is a more concerning issue, and it isn’t something you should try to “live with.” If the trouble isn’t a municipal one that clears up soon, it might indicate multiple hidden leaks, limescale build-up in the pipes, or a damaged water main. 

Small leaks

This is a case where what looks like a small problem is actually a large one. You don’t want any pipes in your house leaking because the cumulative water loss can be enormous over time. The leaking water also does damage to building materials, such as wood and drywall. If you have suspicions of leaking pipes in your house, call our plumbers for leak detection services to find the leaks and repair them.

Rattling and clanging pipes

Plumbing shouldn’t make much noise at all aside from the flow of water through the pipes. Water hammer is a common warning noise: a sharp clanging sound when a tap turns off. Water hammer can cause damage to the pipes if it continues. Rattling and other cleaning sounds are often indicators that pipes are loose, which will soon lead to leaks and even fully burst pipes. 

Mysteriously high water usage

Your home probably uses approximately the same amount of water from month to month, with some seasonal variations. If you notice the water usage has made a steep rise, don’t simply pay the bill and imagine the next one will be lower. This high usage is one of the major warnings that you have hidden leaks, possibly many of them. It may also warn of a faulty water-using appliance. Professional plumbers can locate the cause of water waste in your house. 

Saddleback Plumbing Heating & Air has served Orange County since 1981. When you have a plumbing problem, large or small, call us for the help you need.

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