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Serving Orange County

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How Can I Tell if I Have a Plumbing Issue?

Burst PipePlumbing issues are obnoxious in a number of ways, not least because they’re so difficult to detect without professional services. This is why it’s so important to have professional plumbing maintenance conducted every year or two. Otherwise, you may not be able to tell if you have a plumbing issue in time to resolve it before it causes serious damage. Even between maintenance appointments, though, you should be keeping an eye out for signs that your plumbing system is in need of professional services. You may not be able to prevent all of the damage the problem has caused, but you can at least have it fixed before it gets any worse.

Check Your Water Meter

One quick way to tell if you have a leak somewhere in your plumbing system is to turn off all the plumbing appliances in your home and check your water meter. If the meter isn’t running, then you’re probably fine. If it is still running, then there is a chance that you have a leak somewhere that is diverting water out of the system. You’re going to need to call a plumber to determine the exact location of the leak.

Falling Water Pressure

If you notice water pressure falling in your home, it probably means that there is either a leak or a blockage somewhere in the plumbing. Depending on the severity of the drop, and how quickly it manifests, you may have something like lime scale buildup or even a pipe rupture. You should definitely call for repairs as soon as you notice this happening with your system. You should also know that if the drop in water pressure is affecting the entire house, then the issue might be located in the water line. It is especially important that you have the issue dealt with then, as a water line issue could cripple your entire plumbing system.

Keep an Eye on Your Bills

It’s always a good idea to keep a close eye on your monthly water bills, as they can serve as an early warning of issues with your plumbing system. If you start to see your water bills rising from month to month, even if you haven’t actually been using enough water to justify the increase in cost, then you might want to have a plumber look at it. It’s possible that there’s a leak somewhere in the system.

Visible Water Damage

This is obviously the worst-case scenario, but it bears talking about. If you spot visible water damage in any area of your home, it might be because you have a leak in the pipes in that area. This is especially common with pinhole leaks, as they tend to be too small to cause any external symptoms. This allows them to spend months rotting out the surrounding area without being noticed, except during a maintenance appointment.

Saddleback Plumbing offers a full range of plumbing repair services in Irvine, CA. If you need help with your plumbing system, contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our plumbers.  

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