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Know Where the Water Main Shut-Off Valve Is

Monday, September 23rd, 2019

plumbing-valves-and-tubesNobody wants to have a major plumbing emergency. At least you have a reliable plumber in the area who can help when you’ve got major trouble from the plumbing. Never hesitate to call us when you think you’ve got a plumbing emergency—if you wait, you’ll likely end up with a worse problem.

However, before you call us for help, there’s something essential to know in case of a plumbing mishap that’s threatening to flood your home. You must know where the water main shut-off valve for the house is and how to activate it. Share this knowledge with the other adults in the house so they also know how to stop the water flow into the house in case of emergency.

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Effects of Sea Air and Water on Plumbing

Friday, March 28th, 2014

When it comes to getting plumbing installed in your home, the residents of San Juan Capistrano and other coastal towns face a unique series of challenges. The proximity of the pacific means that salt water becomes more of an issue than it might further inland, and while our civic filtration systems do a good job, it remains a concern. Salty air, too can create problems with your plumbing, since it has a higher salt content than air in inland communities. Plumbing service experts in the area need to be aware of the effects of sea air and water on plumbing in order to help correct the issue. Here’s a brief primer on the specifics involved.

Metal of all sorts is vulnerable to corrosion, which is facilitated when water and air interact together on the metal. A chemical reaction oxidizes the metal and creates rust, which breaks it down and ultimately requires its replacement. The salt in sea air and water speeds up this process, making it more difficult to keep the system maintained and resulting in a constant battle against the elements. These conditions tend to affect stainless steel, iron and brass more than other forms of metal.

The good news is that plumbing pipes tend to be made of rust-resistant material as a matter of course, and while that can’t stop the increased rate of corrosion, it can at least slow the process down. Copper has been used in ship design for centuries because it resists the process of corrosion, and PVC and other forms of plastics also make a strong bulwark against the forces of nature.

The bad news is that corrosion still happens, even with plumbing systems formed from materials. Starting with the initial plumbing installation in San Juan Capistrano, residents should keep an eye out for signs of corrosion and other effects of sea air and water on plumbing. When you spot them, call on the experts at Saddleback Plumbing for help. We can replace corroded parts quickly and professionally, as well as providing advice on how to keep your plumbing safe from the effects of sea air. Give us a call today to set up an appointment, and let us show you what we can do!

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Plumbing Tip : When Something Goes Wrong

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Indoor plumbing is such a common luxury that we tend to not even think about the system and its many components that make life so convenient in Irvine. We expect to be able to open a faucet and get a steady supply of hot water. When we use the bathroom we expect the toilet to flush and the bathtub to drain away waste water. When something goes wrong with your plumbing in Irvine, though, you may find it difficult to stop thinking about the system that makes all of those conveniences possible. Whatever plumbing services you need, a professional, certified plumber from Saddleback Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning can help.

Plumbing Installation

Whether you are remodeling or building a home or you need to replace a portion or your entire plumbing system, only a professional can handle the surface. A lot of fresh and waste water is moved throughout your home every day. These pipes are hidden in your walls and beneath your floors. The last thing you want to deal with is a problem in such inaccessible areas. Avoid water damage and schedule professional plumbing installation.

Video Pipe Inspection

Plumbing systems pose a number of challenges because so many potential problems can go unseen. A video pipe inspection allows us to take a look directly into your pipes. That way we can locate any problems and ensure that they are totally resolved. Call today to schedule service.

Slab Leaks

Few problems in your home have as much potential to do serious damage as a slab leak. These leaks occur beneath the concrete foundation of your home. They are difficult to notice, difficult to access and an all-around headache. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer for slab leaks in Irvine and how you can tell if there is a slab leak lurking below your home.

These are just a few of the exceptional plumbing services we offer. Our Irvine plumbers have the training and skills to handle any plumbing job you may need. Remember to call Saddleback for any services you need related to plumbing in Irvine.

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DIY Plumbing Tip 2 : How to Change a Drain Trap

Monday, December 19th, 2011

Have you ever noticed that U-shaped length of pipe below your Dove Canyon home’s bathroom or kitchen sink? Does it ever seem to you like it doesn’t make sense to have that in there? It seems counterintuitive to have the water run any direction other than straight down.

Well, that little bend is the drain trap, and it keeps nasty odors and gases from wafting their way up through the plumbing and into your home. The U shape of the trap precludes the normal upward drift of the gases, so they don’t make it up through your drain.

After a while, these traps can become corroded, choked with debris or entirely clogged to such a degree that it needs to be replaced. When this happens, it is important to take care of this right away.

As with any plumbing project, the first step is to turn off the main water supply. Don’t worry about the inconvenience; the whole process will take less than an hour.

Next, remove all the pieces of the existing drain trap. Use a pipe wrench and/or slip-joint pliers to remove the nuts and pull the trap free. Attach a tailpiece washer to your new tailpiece, and then attach the tailpiece to the sink strainer. You may need to cut the tailpiece to length with a hacksaw.

With a slip nut and washer, affix the trap arm to the drain stub. Again, you may need to cut the trap arm to length.

Finally, attach the trap bend to the trap arm, making sure the beveled face of the washer faces the trap bend. Tighten all the nuts and turn the water back on. Run a little water down the drain and check for leaks before using it. You may need to tighten some joints or apply Teflon tape in some places.

Once everything is all sealed up, you’re good to go! Your new drain trap is in place and ready to use.

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Testimonial – Tim B. from Santa Ana

Monday, November 21st, 2011

Water damage can be very destructive and very expensive to repair. That is why it is so important to catch plumbing problems early and repair them competently. And our plumbers make sure to do the job right the first time; here is what Tim B. from Santa Ana wrote to us about his plumbing installation and repair:

I’m writing to let you know how happy I am with the service Ken Smith provided to us today. I originally had Ken out to install a new kitchen faucet.

After he expertly completed that job, I told him about some problems we started having the day before with our hot water flow. The day before, a hack “contractor” installed a shower valve – and that is when the problems started. Ken took one look at what the previous guy had done and saw major issues. He took the time to fix the previous contractors huge screw-up and patiently answered the many questions I had about what he was doing and how the shower plumbing worked.

The project was set to tile in (and over) the bad plumbing job the next day. Had Ken not spotted and fixed the trouble, the problem would have been 10 times worse and a lot more expensive in 24 hours.

Thanks a million Ken for your hard work and dedication to getting the job done right. I owe you!

I’ll be calling Saddleback Plumbing and requesting Ken for anything regarding plumbing in the future.

– Tim B.

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