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Professional Drain Cleaning Techniques That Can Benefit You

Monday, May 22nd, 2017

drain-cleaningWhen most of us have a drain clog, we tend to reach for some kind of store bought drain cleaner. That can work, but it comes with quite a high cost. The highly caustic chemicals that can melt through the waste that commonly clog drains will also corrode the pipes themselves. If you want to have your drains cleaned, but don’t want to pay for it with negative side-effects, the best thing to do is to take advantage of professional services. There are two common methods used in professional drain cleaning services: drain snaking and hydro jetting.

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Why You Need to Schedule Drain Cleaning on a Regular Basis

Monday, March 27th, 2017

When you’re spending the rainy season dealing with a 40-hour workweek, doing your taxes, raising your kids, and fighting off a cold at the same time, maintaining your drain and sewer system is probably pretty low on the priorities list. Still, it is something that you need to give at least a little bit of thought to if you want to keep your home running smoothly. There are a lot of issues that can afflict your drain and sewer system, which will then have ripple effects throughout the rest of the home. You need to make sure that you maintain your drain and sewer pipes, and the best way to do that is with regular drain cleaning. Have a look at some of the problems that can crop up if you don’t schedule drain cleaning on a regular basis.

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Signs That You Need Drain Cleaning

Monday, November 28th, 2016

Your drains serve an important part in your home’s plumbing system. If the drains are in poor condition, the rest of the home will start to experience problems. The best way to keep your drains in good shape is to schedule drain cleaning services. Read on for some of the signs that you need to have your drains professionally cleaned.

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When to Call for Drain Cleaning Services

Monday, January 18th, 2016

The drain systems in your home serve a valuable role. Without them to serve as the connection point between your plumbing and sewer systems, you would have quite a difficult time disposing of wastewater. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you keep your drains clean and in working order. Keep an eye out for the following signs that your drains are in need of cleaning.

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Signs That You Need Drain Cleaning Services

Monday, February 16th, 2015

The average household uses approximately 400 gallons of water per day, with almost ¾ of that amount dedicated to indoor usage. Reading this statistic should give you a good idea about how much use your drains get on a daily basis and why it’s a good idea to be aware of when it may be time to schedule drain cleaning for your plumbing.

Some Signs

There are a few ways your drains will let you know that it’s time for a professional drain cleaning:

  • Slow drains – having a slow drain means that a full-on clog is on its way. Why? Because it’s already there – it just hasn’t gotten big enough to fully block your drain yet. Slow drains usually indicate that there is a significant build-up inside your pipe; it’s better to remove this build-up before it becomes a full blockage, and the best way to remove the build-up is with a professional drain cleaning.
  • DIY remedies aren’t working – if you’ve tried some of the usual home remedies – boiling water, baking soda and vinegar or plunging – and your clog still won’t disappear, it’s time to call for an expert.
  • Gurgling sounds from the drain – a gurgling sound from a drain is actually the sound of air being released from air pockets that have been created inside your piping by build-up. The sound is an indication that there is a problem with build-up in the drain and it should be removed before it causes a bigger problem.
  • Multiple drains are slow and/or clogged – many times homes have 2 or 3 different drains on a single main plumbing line. If you find that you have multiple drains with issues, it is likely that there is a problem deep within your plumbing system, which will require the help of an expert.
  • A clog that won’t go away – if you have one drain that clogs repeatedly, even after being unclogged, it is likely the problem isn’t being fully resolved and requires the help of a trained professional.

The amount of water your drains handle is tremendous, so if you are seeing the signs that it may be time for a drain cleaning in your home, don’t wait to schedule an appointment – call Saddleback Plumbing today! We offer quality draining cleaning service in Irvine.

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Why Should I Contact a Pumber for Drain Cleaning?

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Clogged drains are a hassle that homeowners expect to happen now and then—there’s just no avoiding them. But although accidents will occur when an object tumbles down a drain and blocks it, you don’t have to deal with clogs afflicting your plumbing on a regular basis because of buildups of soap scum, grease, hair, and food. With the help of professional drain cleaning, you can eliminate current clogs and help prevent future ones.

If you’re wondering why you need professional plumbers to handle this job, we’ll explain what trained and licensed plumbers can bring to the task and how it will help you. To get started, call our staff at Saddleback Plumbing. We will arrange for drain cleaning service in Lake Forest, CA that will clear out clogs and give you healthy plumbing.

Why You Need Professionals Plumbers to Clean Your Drains

  • Because liquid drain cleaners are terrible for drains: Yes, in spite of their name, chemical drain cleaners you can purchase next to the mops and laundry detergent in aisle #3 at the grocery store are absolute “no-nos” for drains. They are harshly caustic, which makes them damaging to the interior of drainpipes, and they are potentially hazardous for you and your family. If you cannot clear out a clog using a plunger, don’t reach for these “cleaners.” And don’t rely on them for regular “cleaning” either.
  • Professionals have comprehensive cleaning methods: A skilled plumber won’t just get rid of a clog. He or she will use methods that will clear out thick levels of contamination so that your plumbing will have far fewer problem from clogs and high water pressure in the future. Using non-invasive procedures such a hydro-jetting will wipe away all the build-up of grease, soap-scum, and other deposits from the inside of pipes.
  • Professionals have the best equipment: Plumbers have access to expensive plumbing tools unavailable to the consumer (and too difficult to use without training). Hydro-jetters, mechanical drain snakes, and video pipe inspection equipment are all part of the arsenal that plumbers bring to the job of targeted cleaning in a home’s drains.
  • Professionals can handle the job fast: Finally, it is worth it to have plumbers handle drain cleaning because they can take care of the work quickly, causing minimal inconvenience to you. You will have both a thorough and rapid drain cleaning job with the right plumbers on the task.

At Saddleback Plumbing, we recommend that you schedule regular drain cleaning and not just when you have a clogging issue. Make this a part of your annual checkup for your plumbing system, and you should have an (almost) clog-free home life. We also offer comprehensive plumbing services in Lake Forest, CA. To schedule your next service appointment with us, give us a call today.

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What to Expect from Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Friday, May 30th, 2014

Plumbers can often perform professional drain cleaning services on your pipes, dealing with tough, stubborn back-ups in ways that store-bought cleansers simply can’t. Here in Irvine, drain cleaning services are readily available, and can use professional tools like mechanized snakes and hydro jetting hoses to take care of the problem properly. While every case is unique, you have a right to expect certain things from the technician who arrives to solve the problem. Here’s what to expect from professional drain cleaning services.

  • Courtesy and consideration. The service should treat your home like they would their own. While some drains can be cleaned quickly and easily, others will require more effort. Regardless, the technician will bring his equipment in carefully and deploy it with utmost concern for your kitchen or bathroom’s well-being. When the operation is finished, he or she will clean up any standing water or other bits of mess, and leave your home in the exact shape he found it.
  • Up-front estimates. There shouldn’t be any hidden surprises with a drain cleaning operation. The plumber will perform a breakdown of all the costs involved and let the homeowner sign off on it before the cleaning begins. In addition, he or she will explain specific techniques such as hydro jetting so that the homeowner knows what to expect from a possibly unfamiliar process.
  • Results. A professional drain cleaning service offers guarantees on the quality of their work. In other words, once they clean the drain, it should stay cleaned for a reasonable amount of time and the home owner shouldn’t be charged if a repeat visit in necessary.

If you know what to expect from professional drain cleaning services, the next step is to contact the experts at Saddleback Plumbing. We have the skills and know-how to do the job right the first time, every time, and our trained staff of experts is on hand to explain every step of the process in clear detail. We treat your home with the courtesy you expect and all our work is backed by a guarantee. Give us a call today and ask us about our drain cleaning and other plumbing services in Irvine, CA.

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Drain Cleaning Solutions Used by Plumbers

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

Everyone is familiar with commercial chemical drain cleaners sold in any supermarket or hardware store, designed to get rid of stubborn clogs and backups. Those cleaners tend to be universal and adopt a one-size-fits-all approach, which actually doesn’t work very well for any but the mildest clogs. For plumbers here in Irvine, drain cleaning solutions can treat a wide variety of problems, and not all of those solutions involve chemical cleansers. Indeed, most plumbers prefer to use alternate methods of cleaning the drains that are less overtly caustic. Here’s a short list of the different types of drain cleaning solutions used by plumbers.

  • Snakes. Snakes are also available to the public, but as with chemical cleaners, the store-bought models tend to be one size fits all. Plumbers, on the other hand, often use mechanized snakes that bring power to the equation that hand-cranked snakes don’t. They also use snakes with rotating heads that can be adjusted to match the exact nature of the clog.
  • Hydro-jetting. Hydro-jetting is a method by which the plumber fires bursts of water under incredibly high pressure down the pipes. It’s a thorough and very efficient means of clearing up the clogs, and has the benefit of affecting the entire length of pipe, not just the spot that’s causing the back-up. Hydro-jetting requires professional training to use correctly, but it’s safe and effective.
  • Video inspection. This isn’t strictly a solution, but it definitely helps the plumber get a better sense of the problem. He or she sends a tiny video camera down the pipe, attached to a flexible rod. It allows him or her to ascertain the exact nature of the clog, and then choose the solution that fits it the best.

Here at Saddleback Plumbing, we’re well versed in drain cleaning solutions used by plumbers, and we know how to deploy them with skill and care.  If you live in Irvine, drain cleaning solutions need to do the job right, not just adopt a single tactic to what can be a surprisingly complex problem. Give us a call today to make an appointment with our plumbers in Irvine, CA and let us get rid of that clog for good!

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Benefits of Hydrojetting in Drain Cleaning Services

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

Hydrojetting is the practice of using high-pressure pulses form a specialized hose to clear out clogs and build-up in your plumbing. The practice entails specialized equipment and requires a trained plumber to operate (you’d be surprised how much damage a little water can do), but it’s become a staple for drain cleaning services. If you have a clog or a build-up issue, hydrojetting may be the best way to deal with it. Here a short list of the benefits of hydrojetting in drain cleaning services in Trabuco Canyon.

  • Thoroughness
    Snakes, cleaners and similar solutions may only deal with a single clog, or even just part of a clog. Hydrojetting is designed to clear the entire pipeline, getting rid of not only the clog in question, but also any other clogs that may be building up along the line. That provides extremely good value for the money, as well as keeping the problem at bay for some time to come.
  • Safety
    Chemical cleansers can be quite dangerous, especially if they interact with something unexpected down in the drain. Hard items like plastic toys or even organic components can interact poorly with the cleanser and create toxic fumes. While hydrojetting can be dangerous if used by inexperienced personnel, at the end of the day, it’s just water, making is a safe and environmentally friendly solution as well as an effective one.
  • Efficiency
    Hydrojetting can cut through just about anything, including tree roots and mineral deposits. At the same time, it does its job without damaging your pipes at all: the pressure involved is calibrated so that your system can handle it perfectly. With hydrojetting, there’s never any question of whether the problem is getting dealt with.

Here at Saddleback Plumbing, we understand the benefits of hydrojetting in drain cleaning services. More importantly, we have the training and experience to do the job right. If you live in Trabuco Canyon, drain cleaning will eventually be a part of your home plumbing maintenance.

Give us a call today and schedule your next plumbing repair for your Trabuco Canyon home with Saddleback Plumbing. Let us make sure that the job gets done right.

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Why Mechanized Snakes Work Better Than Over-the-Counter Snakes

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

When plumbing clogs arise, people tend to turn to plumbing snakes to correct them. They’re easy to use and much safer than chemical cleaners, and they can usually fix the problem with a little elbow grease. Here in Trabuco Canyon, drain cleaning services offer mechanized snakes, which are often a superior choice to the store-bought snakes you might be used to. Here’s why mechanized snakes work better than over-the-counter snakes.

As you may expect, store-bought snakes utilize a one-size-fits-all approach, which means that it’s designed to handle a wide variety of clogs. Unfortunately, that might not be sufficient to deal with the specific nature of a given clog, and even if it is, you might end up inadvertently damaging your plumbing in the process. Mechanized snakes, in contrast, typically offer interchangeable heads, allowing the plumber to tailor the snake to the exact nature of the clog. Not only does that help the snake do its job more quickly, but it can prevent inadvertent damage to the clog in the process.

Then there’s the issue of forced. Over-the-counter snakes usually rely on cranks or plain old-fashioned elbow grease, which again may not be sufficient to handle the task at hand. A mechanized snake, deployed by a professional, can exercise just the right amount of force to break up the clog while still keep in your pipes undamaged. When you add that to a fitted head, it makes the use of a mechanized snake the clear chose over store-bought models.

That isn’t to say a store-bought model is completely useless. Indeed, in mild cases, it can function perfectly adequately, but like a lot of things, you get what you pay for, and for all but the most basic clogs, mechanical snakes work better than over-the-counter snakes. Drain cleaning services along with a host of other resourceful plumbing services are offered by the experts at Saddleback Plumbing. If you’re having problems with a tough clog or in need of other plumbing repair in Trabuco Canyon, pick up the phone and give us a call today. We’ll take care of it with the latest technological advances, used by experienced pros who know how to do the job right.

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